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Why sourcing is so important in social media


Do you know the difference between sourcing and recruiting?


While the concept of actually finding people has become much easier in recent years, finding the right people has become increasingly more challenging. Finding all of them is even harder. As such, knowing how to effectively source talent is now more important than ever before.

However, sourcing is so much more than simply specialized resume search and candidate name generation. Sourcing has turned into a specialized field of its own, and if you don’t understand the difference between sourcing and recruiting, you will end up adding to your overall cost and time to hire.

Recruiting and sourcing are increasingly recognized as distinct activities with very different goals and outcomes, requiring very different skills and processes.

Sourcing is the act to identify suitable candidates who fit a target profile. It’s the proactive search for qualified candidates, and not just CVs and applications received in response to an online job posting.

Top 5 sourcing tactics:-

  • Social media
  • Referrals
  • com
  • me
  • Boolean searching on Google


Tips for Sourcing Success Using Online & Offline Social Media & Networking:-


  • Social Media & Chrome Extensions Are Sourcing Tools Not Sourcing Solutions.
  • Most Information Sources Want Is Not Online. The Best Info For Sources Is Gathered Offline
  • Online & Offline Follow-Up Is The Most Important Aspect Of Social Media Sourcing Success.
  • Social Media Can Become a Time Killing Social platform.
  • Sources search Talent’s Network on Social Media.


Three key components to a social sourcing strategy:-


  • Sourcing
  • Marketing


The role of social media sources:-


  • Management of corporate social media pages and career sites, including posting and tweeting for clients if needed.
  • Responsibility for company updates, news postings, and job opportunities.
  • Targeted identification and profiling of top talent for critical requirements.
  • Thoughtful and personalized communication and candidate nurturing (targeted communication).
  • Building candidate target lists, all to be customized.
  • Efficient use of campaigns for key demographics and job functions.


Reasons You Need a Better Candidate Sourcing Platform:-


  • It’s a More Social Way to Hire.
  • You Can Be More Personable.
  • Target Passive Candidates.


Tips For Sourcing Corporate Social Media Content From Employees:-


  • Create Incentives.
  • Give Them A Place To Shine.
  • It Only Takes One